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Prevention Magazine SandBell Workout Transformation

The beginning of my SandBell®  Experience

by Leslie Leal-Guana

. . .Because my SandBell experience is far from over, but has only begun!!! I had a 20 lb weight-loss goal I had been working toward for almost 2 years! My wedding was the initial reason for wanting to drop some weight. My wedding came and went and my goal had not been reached. Keep in mind, I was putting in the sweat equity and effort to get there. . . I was not sitting on my sofa wishing for the loss to come.

To help me reach my weight-loss goal, I sought out a personal trainer. This was not an inexpensive route – but I was committed. I trained with this trainer two times a week and he had me on a 6 days per week workout regimen. During this time I watched my weight vary plus or minus 3 to 4 lbs. Furthermore, I was working so hard and investing so much financially, time and effort wise, without seeing results.

I internalized my personal unattained goal daily. It was on my mind constantly and I dismissed it with a sigh saying, “Oh, the never ending plight of a woman!” I was unsuccessful in my efforts, yet I NEVER stopped trying. I spent countless hours lifting weights, on treadmills and ellipticals and trying group-fitness classes. I stayed committed to living the lifestyle of a gym rat, yet without results. I was never satisfied with claiming defeat.

Then came an invite from Brook Benten to be part of a panel for a SandBell test group for Prevention magazine. With this came 6-­weeks of workouts led by Brook and the guidance of a Registered Dietician at no cost! I immediately saw the value and knew I had to have in!! My efforts were getting me nowhere and I had nothing to lose but weight!

SandBell transformation workout article in Prevention magazine

So, I excitedly entered the program and from day one was 100% committed to following it to a T! As I started, I decided a reasonable and successful weight loss goal for me over the 6 weeks was 6 to 8 lbs. I didn’t want to be overzealous and disappointed yet again!

The SandBell test panel opportunity was my first introduction to the SandBell as a workout tool, and I LOVED it instantly. It was an innovative way to get a fantastic workout that could be done anywhere! I followed the nutrition guidelines and pushed myself physically every day in my workouts. I felt energized and once again fell in love with working out!! During this test period, I had to take a few business trips. No problem – I packed the SandBell and my regimen was not interrupted!

Leslie down 13 pounds and more fabulous than ever!

Then came the final weigh in . . . down 13 lbs!!! I was elated. This really works if you just let it!

The test panel is over, but my personal journey with the SandBell continues. My husband and I saw my physical results, confidence levels rise, energy and daily mood make a change for the better. We even turned my garage into a personal gym! And yes, it is stocked with SandBells! I have cancelled the gym membership that I have had for almost 10 years because I am in more control over my workouts than ever before and seeing results like never before!

I still partner with Brook and the nutritionist, and SandBells continue to be a part of my workouts. And the progress is still happening . . . my weight loss now is 18 lbs and counting. With Brook and the SandBell workout’s help, my personal goal I had worked toward for 2 years was accomplished in a little over 2 months!!!

I love that I am not just thin . . . I am more toned, fit and healthy! I feel strong. Thank you Hyperwear for creating innovative ways for working out. This is something I enjoy and is sustainable long term.


-From Hyperwear to Leslie, THANK YOU for being so committed and motivated, and an inspiration to all women!-

Follow Leslie’s lead and lose 13 pounds in 6 weeks with the SandBell! Find out all about Leslie’s workouts, diet regimen and fat-burning SandBell exercises in the September issue of Prevention magazine!

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Don’t continue to put off your weight loss goals. Take it from Leslie, it can be done. That’s not saying it’s going to be a walk in the park, but getting into shape can actually be FUN and REWARDING! Brook’s guidance in the Prevention magazine article, along with the SandBell Total Body Blast DVD bundle are the tools you need to make fitness fun again and get you meeting your goals!