Prevention magazine features the SandBell!

Today’s the day — the latest issue of Prevention magazine hits shelves everywhere; skip over to page 82 and you’ll find Brook Benten and the SandBell featured in a 10-page spread! This is not an article to skim, pick up your copy, take a seat and find out how you can lose up to 13 lbs with SandBell workouts.

Yes, you read that right. Six-weeks is all it takes for you to whittle your waist and take your body through a transformation that will leave you toned, lean, healthy and more fabulous than ever!

The best part—it’s actually possible!

The SandBell spread in the September issue of Prevention details the diet tips and SandBell workouts that 15 women followed over a 6-week period. Throughout the testing period, these women powered through a special 20-minute SandBell circuit three times a week that had them burning more calories than the average 60-minute walk.

Don’t believe it?! Take it from Brook Benten, Hyperwear Master Trainer and brains behind the SandBell workout test panel, “The women on the test panel wore Polar FT4 heart rate monitors.  This monitor tracks heart rate and calories burned.  In only 20-minutes, some women regularly burn over 400 calories with the Slimming SandBell circuit!”

It can be done! There is one hitch though — these incredible weight-loss results were not obtained by calorie-burning workouts alone, the women also had to get smart and sensible about their eating habits. Laura Mangum, RD, was the dietician on hand throughout the testing period, and she helped influence the women to make healthier food choices that would complement their weight loss goals.

Stop by your local convenience store today and pick up a copy of Prevention magazine and get the full scoop on how 15 women saw real, weight-loss results with SandBell workouts and smarter eating choices.

Also, read the personal story from one woman on the SandBell test panel, Leslie Leal-Guana’s, 18 lb. weight-loss journey and road to results with the SandBell!

Inspired yet? Well good, you should be! Kick start your personal body transformation with the SandBell Total Body Blast DVD bundle!

The SandBell Total Body Blast DVD workout was created by Brook Benten, and in it she leads you through 47-minutes of SandBell workouts that will have you breaking a sweat and having fun while doing it!

Brook’s DVD will get you excited about fitness again, and you’ll never get bored with the many SandBell workouts that include swings, glides and slams, which strengthen and tone you from head to toe.

What’s more, purchase the SandBell Total Body Blast DVD bundle and you’ll have all you need to get your body into serious shape. The DVD bundle includes the SandBell Total Body Blast DVD, (2) 4 lb. SandBells and (1) 10 lb. SandBell.

About Brook Benten

Brook Benten is the President of Cardiopump Fitness, LLC.  A few of her certifications include: ACSM-HFS, ACE, and AFAA.  Brook holds a Masters of Education in Physical Education with emphasis in Sport and Fitness Administration and a Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. She has released 10 workout DVDs, including Hyperwear’s “SandBell Total Body Blast.”

Brook is a Master Trainer for Hyperwear, and advisory board member for GoFit, LLC.  Brook was a finalist for Personal Fitness Professional’s 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year.  She was the March 2009 ACPA “National Wellness Spotlight.”  Brook is a RKC-certified kettlebell trainer.  She is the kettlebell expert for GoFit, the world’s largest distributer of packaged kettlebells.

The FIT Company Institute awarded Brook Benten 2012 “Austin’s Fittest Fitness Professional.”  She is a personal trainer in Austin, TX.  Her professional objective is to make fitness fun and inspire lifelong pursuits of wellness.  For information on Brook Benten videos, “BB’s Back Burner” healthy cooking episodes, free virtual workouts, 101 Legit Ways to Lose Weight countdown, and Brook’s personal fitness journey, please visit or

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