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Play Series (2 of 3) – Push Movement with Hyper Vest PRO weight vest

May 23rd, 2011

Good Monday Morning!

This week I’m taking a different approach to the traditional push-up. I can’t think of another exercise that our young children despise more than the push-up, and why wouldn’t they? They’re in such a new developmental stage where their bodies are growing, their head is usually bigger proportionately than the rest of their body, and there we are, the teacher making them get on the ground and crank out push-ups over and over again with each passing day.

Why not create a game out of it? Try the Plank Position Dot Toss game in this video, and bonus points go out to everyone out there that has SandBells to use instead of dots! This game doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all…create ways to integrate the students or athletes to work together, encourage each other, and work out their minds all at the same time!


Never Stand Still!

Bill Meyer, SCE, USAW
Head Hyper Wear Coach

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