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P.E. Drill Thrill: Short-burst games

November 24th, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome back to Thursday’s P.E. Drill Thrill! This week, we’re bringing you two more fun and exciting SandBell drills for your K-12 physical education classes, as well as a video demonstration.

The first drill, SandBell Line Rush, is a great short-burst team game that involves everyone!

Set-Up: Divide students into two equal lines and have each line sit down with four to five feet between them. One SandBell per line.


  1. The first student in line starts with the SandBell, and at the start of the timer or “Go” call out, the student passes the SandBell to the person next to them, then gets up and runs to the end of the line and sits back down.
  2. Each student repeats this until the first student is given the SandBell again.
  3. Do this drill for a minute and see how many times each line can complete the game cycle!

CLICK HERE to view the video demonstration of SandBell Line Rush!

The second drill, SandBell Push-Up Flips, is a great upper-body challenge drill for students.

Set-Up: Give one SandBell person student; arrange students around the room with enough space to safely do a push up.


  1. Student starts in push-up position with the SandBell in the middle of the arms.
  2. At the start of the timer, the student flips the SandBell back and forth twice then does a push up.
  3. See how many times students can do the drill in 30 seconds or a minute!

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