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P.E. Drill Thrill: SandBell tag games

SandBell Exercises Games Physical Education

SandBell Sandbag Weight for P.E. Tag Games

Welcome back to Thursday’s K-12 P.E. Drill Thrill – SandBell Exercises Games Physical Education This week, we’re bringing you two great SandBell tag games!

SandBell Exercises Games Physical Education

Fun and safe SandBell sandbag weight swings

Game #1: Partner Passing Tag

Set-Up: Divide students into two lines, have the lines parallel to each other, 15-20 yards apart. Student’s work with a partner; give each pair one SandBell.


  1. Pairs begin in the middle facing each other 3‐4 yards apart.
  2. Pairs begin tossing the SandBell back and forth.
  3. On signal (whistle, drum, etc.) the student with the SandBell turns and runs back to their line.
  4. The student without the SandBell chases his/her partner and attempts to tag before partner reaches their home line.

Game #2: Hug and Chug

Set-Up: Each student has one partner with one SandBell per pair. Designate an activity area large enough to accommodate the entire group.


  1. Student with the SandBell is the “predator,” student without the SandBell is the “prey.”
  2. Predator’s objective is to hug and chug, i.e., hug the SandBell and shadow their prey to stay as close as possible.
  3. Prey‘s objective is to move and escape their predator.
  4. To begin, prey begins fleeing while the predator wraps the SandBell around their waist.  After 5 wraps, the predator sets off in search of their prey.
  5. Should predator lose control of the SandBell, s/he must stop and do five slams before setting off again in search of their Prey.
  6. On stop signal, both freeze immediately and face one another. Prey stands with feet together and cannot not move feet. Predator may take one step, and attempts to tag Prey with the SandBell held in both hands.
  7. Go Get’em variation – groups of three.  #1 stands on the sideline (with a specific task to do, i.e., stretch, dribble a ball, jump rope, etc).  #2 is the Predator and #3 is the Prey (with the SandBell).  When tagged, #3 goes to the sideline, tells #1,  “Go Get’em,” #3 now attempts to tag #2.

Try out these games with your students, and let us know what they think!!

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