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Osteopenia and Hyper Vest PRO weight vest

May 10th, 2011

I had the most delightful conversation with a customer yesterday!  Our customers are truly amazing, interesting people and I love it when I get the chance to chat with them!  Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions or ideas or just want to tell us about some really cool you did with your Hyper Wear products!

Anyway, Melinda called bright and early Monday morning.  Just before the weekend, she was told she had Osteopenia and was given some options.  Her doctor said she could take the recommended drugs or try an alternative.  Melinda did not like the sound of the side effects of the drugs, so she went the alternative route.  She needed to do weight bearing exercise and walking her little 115-pound, 5’3″ self around was not enough weight to bear!  Her doctor then recommended that she load up a backpack with soup cans and carry it around as much as possible throughout the day.

Melinda’s response: “Soup cans?  Really?  I think we can do a little better than that!”

So she did some research online and found our Hyper Vest PRO.  I don’t want to put words in her mouth, but I think Melinda felt it was perfect for what she needed.  She could wear it pretty much all day, hidden under her clothes if she so desired.  A backpack full of soup cans is a little harder to wear discreetly!  She also liked that it wouldn’t hinder her normal activities.  In addition, we both felt like something that fits snugly on your entire core is of far greater benefit than something that, by its very design, pulls on your back and shoulders.

The applications for the Hyper Vest PRO are so vast, it sometimes makes me try to think of things it would not be good for simply because that list is so much shorter!

So, if you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, talk to your doctor about the benefits of wearing a weighted vest and then give us a call…I’d love to chat with you about it!!

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