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Hot Topic Tuesday : Obesity = Deadly Global Pandemic

March 29th, 2011

If you know anything about Hyper Wear, you know that we take health and exercise very seriously.  Obesity is a growing problem in our nation and even the world.  Hyper Wear is dedicated to being part of the solution.  We love to hear testimonies of the impact Hyper Wear gear has on people’s health and fitness goals as well as the benefits to weight loss.

To give a personal example, I did an informal trial during my weekly workout session.  I tracked the number of calories burned during my normal, hour-long, interval session without wearing my Hyper Vest PRO and then tracked the same type of session while wearing my 5 lb Hyper Vest PRO.  On average, I burned an additional 100 calories per session.  The workout was only a little harder, and with an extra 100 calories burned to show for it, it was worth the extra effort!

We’re not the only ones who are concerned. featured an article that I found interesting and little alarming which outlines the global problem that obesity has become.

By the way, the juicy bacon cheeseburger picture on this post is the ad that was on the page with the article about obesity…how’s that for irony?

What news have you read lately about obesity that makes you more passionate about exercise?

What is your favorite exercise using a Hyper Wear product to enhance your fitness routine?

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