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The Nature’s Fitness SandBell Boot Camp

SandBellAs an outdoor training specialist, I recognize our most popular client workout , hands down, is our SandBell® Boot Camp. This cardio busting and calorie scorching session is conducted on the shoreline and majestic dunes of Lake Michigan’s “Sunset Coast” in Southwest Michigan.

This session begins with a .75 mile hike for our clients using back packs and hiking poles. Their packs are filled with their own SandBell that they will use during our 45 minute HIIT session. With the unlimited sizing of the Hyperwear® SandBell and the ease of portability, we can modify our sessions so that clients of all strength and ability levels can participate together. Client grouping, which can be a scheduling challenge for most studio trainers, is now a thing of the past. Training your clients outdoors is limited only by one’s imagination.

The versatility of the SandBell and the wide variety of movements that can be performed, allows us to maximize our actual workout time. When combined with the serenity of the out and back nature hike to the training site, our clients experience the sensation that “less is more” regarding their training time and effort and in the simplicity of the equipment used. No chrome, no mirrors, no fancy machines, just a neoprene bag full of sand (sweat not included).

There are a few tips that you should follow if using Hyperwear SandBells outdoors. Although the bells are practically indestructible, they are prone to sharp objects that may turn up from time to time on the beach or even in the dunes. To limit damage to the SandBells, make sure your workout areas are free and clear of objects which may cause the bags to rip or puncture.

I also encourage my clients to grip the bags two handed when doing slams and picking the bag from the sand so not to put unnecessary stress on the SandBell’s ribbon. Whenever using the bags for kettle bell swings, our clients know to keep a fist full of sand in their grip, maintaining the integrity of their grip and of the bag’s ribbon. Even though the design of the bag is simple and transition movements are effortless, we still give verbal reminders about handling the bag appropriately.

Cleaning the bag is simple, brushing any sand or dirt off after each use is encouraged. Using warm soapy water (do not submerge) if necessary for cosmetic purposes. Try and keep the bags dry whenever possible. Should the bag become wet, we will put the bags in a well-ventilated area and use a fan to dry the exterior of the bag. After hundreds of hours of use, these bags give off no smell or scent, even after having been caught in late spring down pour.

Thanks for taking a simple idea and continuing to work on perfecting it. It is an integral component of our training and to the health and well-being of our clients!

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