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Muscle & Fitness Hers and SandBells

April 14th, 2011

Muscle & Fitness Hers SandBell Feature

The SandBell has arrived in Muscle & Fitness Hers. Here at Hyper Wear, we encounter so many amazing people every day!  We are presented with many, many truly awesome opportunities to share our products with an enormous range of people.  We love to hear feedback and love to see people enjoy fitness because of our products.  That’s what Thankful Thursdays are all about – us saying, “Thank You!” to a specific customer, group, publication, etc. that has helped us along the road to success.

We are always so humbled when we get promoted in a magazine.  We have never purchased advertising in a publication, but have been fortunate with several excellent editorial placements of our products.  This week, we are thankful for our latest mention, found in the Mar/Apr 2011 Muscle and Fitness Hers – the magazine “for women who want more out of fitness.”

Here are pics of the cover, page 25 where the mention can be found and the mention up close:

Muscle & Fitness Hers SandBell

Muscle & Fitness Hers Features SandBell

Muscle & Fitness Hers SandBell

Muscle & Fitness Hers SandBell

Detail view of SandBells in Muscle & Fitness Hers

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