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Monday Morning Scoop: You are what your parents ate

January 2nd, 2012

You are what you eat. Well, apparently now you’re also what your parents fed to you as a child. A recent study reveals that our parents diet and fitness influences during childhood are much stronger than one might think.

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According to Heather Brown, Newcastle University researcher, in the article, “Our attitude to food and fitness ‘is fixed at 10 years old,” our preferences towards diet and exercise are practically set in stone by the time we’re 10 years old.

“Parents are important role models. If they have an unhealthy lifestyle then their children are more likely to emulate their behaviour and continue these unhealthy habits into adulthood,” says Dr. Brown.

We need to give kids more credit. They pick up on much more than we realize, and from a very young age.

Parents need to take into consideration the consequences of their actions. They may be preaching “eat your fruits and vegetable to grow big and strong,” but when those words are accompanied by inhaling a double cheeseburger, the lesson isn’t as meaningful.

Make a healthy diet and exercise routine a family matter. I think it’s safe to say almost everyone–parents, kids, singles, teens–could do a better job of eating clean and exercising consistently. Let’s turn over a new SandBell in 2012 and make it a year to turn bad habits into good ones, and to honestly live by the healthy guidelines we talk about and strive to maintain.

And with that, cheers to the New Year!

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