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Monday Morning Scoop: Why strength training is a workout for everyone

November 14th, 2011

It’s pretty well established that exercising and eating a balanced diet are components of a healthy lifestyle that everyone should follow. To really get the most out of your workouts and improve your physical performance and appearance, strength training is something that everyone should also be incorporating.

For some, strength training is associated with body building and lifting weights to pack on the pounds. What we all may not realize is that strength training is designed to strengthen muscles, which doesn’t necessarily mean bulking up.

Strength training does more than strengthen and tone the body, it also helps to prevent injuries when performing daily tasks–walking up and down stairs, lifting heavy objects, etc. According to the online article “Strength training’s not just for body builders anymore,” it even helps to reduce the risk factors of some diseases, such as¬†osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes.

“You can improve your overall health just by watching your weight and taking walks in the neighborhood. But if you want to improve your fitness — look better, maximize health, have more energy, prevent injuries — you need to do more,” said Jeffrey Potteiger, dean of graduate studies at Grand Valley State University¬†who has spent 24 years doing research on strength training, in the aforementioned online article.

A great and easy way to incorporate strength training techniques is by throwing on a Hyper Vest PRO. The Hyper Vest PRO weight vest adds resistance to whatever you’re doing, working out, running, biking, rock-climbing, you get the picture. The weight vest evenly distributes weight across your core, and its patented design ensures you can do any exercise in the vest without enduring uncomfortable rubbing or chaffing.

The SandBell is another awesome strength training tool. The active resistance of the sand inside the bell is great for working grip and arm strength, and the active movement of the sand challenges core stability.

Incorporating strength training into your daily workout is easier than ever with Hyperwear! Also, you can be sure to never run out of circuit and exercise ideas with our weekly Hyper Training Lab videos by Hyperwear Director of Training and Education, Diane Vives MS, CSCS.

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