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Monday Morning Scoop: Surviving the Holidays 101

November 21st, 2011

For some, the holiday season means putting back on that inevitable 5 or 10 pounds, making a habit of snoozing through the gym and going back to the kitchen for thirds and fourths. Don’t fall victim to the winter weight gain woes!

Enjoy your favorite holiday foods, spend extra time with family and friends and get comfortable in those cozy, fuzzy pants, BUT follow these rules to keep from letting it all catch up to your waistline.

Before chowing down on Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast, make sure you’re fully hydrated. Most of the time when we feel like we’re “starving” with hunger, our bodies are really craving some H2O. If you sit down at the dinner table, with a stomach partially full of water, you’re almost guaranteed to eat less and feel more satisfied.

Portion control, portion control, portion control! This is definitely easier said than done, but it’s the most important key to healthy holiday eating. THINK about what you’re putting into your mouth. Is it really worth it to have three pieces of pie? Go on, indulge on Thanksgiving, but do so thoughtfully. Take normal portions of your favorite foods, breathe and talk between bites, and enjoy your food. The longer you take to eat, the more time your brain has to register when your stomach is full, stuffed or at button-busting capacity.

Lastly, make exercising a family ordeal. If you know you’re probably not going to exercise as often as you normally do, then suggest to your family to go for a walk the Thanksgiving meal, play a game of pick-up football, or introduce them to some fun SandBell exercises.

Also, to get more bang for your buck in the gym, wearing a weighted vest, like the Hyper Vest PRO, helps to burn more calories when doing the same exercises. So, enjoy the holidays, family and food. But do so consciously! Think about what and how much you’re eating, and make an effort to keep up your normal exercise routine.

Happy holidays!

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