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Monday Morning Scoop: Predictions for top trends in 2012

December 5th, 2011

As each year comes and goes, so do fitness trends and fads. With 2012 creeping upon us, it seems only fitting to discuss the predictions for top fitness trends of the new year!

ACE Fitness’ online article, Roadmap for the Future: ACE’s 2012 Fitness Trends to Watch, uncovers insight onto some potentially emerging trends.

Obesity awareness claims the number one spot.

“Losing weight will continue to be the primary reason consumers seek personal-training support as the public responds to the expanded messaging concerning the dangers of physical inactivity and obesity,” as stated in the article.

The obesity pandemic is becoming an increasingly public and important issue, as it should. As a result, more Americans are aware of the detrimental health effects of being overweight, and are doing something about it.

Whole-life training comes in at number two. This trend includes lifestyle coaching, which ACE predicts will become a bigger trend, and more personal trainers will increase their knowledge offering to include ways to holistically improve the lifestyle of their clients.

2012 fitness trend number three is community collaboration. This might be our favorite trend prediction, as it means that communities will become more active in spreading awareness and education about fitness, and offer more access to fitness activities and gyms.

Hyperwear is doing our part to aid in community collaboration by offering free, bi-monthly FIT MOB workouts. For each workout, we team up with a local boot camp or personal trainer to bring the Austin community a fun, free and challenging workout. We want everyone to live happy, active and healthy lifestyles, so we’re doing something about it!

As you ring in the new year, watch out for these emerging trends to see which ones stick and which ones flop. Remember to also incorporate Hyperwear training products into your daily workouts to keep your muscles constantly challenged and mind actively motivated!

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