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Monday Morning Scoop: Improve grip strength with the SandBell

October 24th, 2011

Good Monday morning! As you’re beginning the week, planning your schedule and figuring out when to squeeze in those workouts, consider exercising an area that is generally over-looked.

When deciding which muscle groups you’re going to work on during a particular workout, you’re probably not saying to yourself, “Okay, I’m going to do back today, legs tomorrow and grip-strength/forearm on Wednesday.” But, you might want to consider adding in some grip-strength and forearm focused exercises for a number of reasons.

Your finger movement and dexterity is controlled by all of the muscles in your hands and forearms. Having strong hands and fingers means more than a confident and firm handshake. Think of ALL the daily movements you do that require your hands—locking doors, blow drying hair, tying shoes, buttoning a shirt, assembling equipment, changing the radio station. Almost everything you do requires exerting activity from your fingers and hands, even the activities you do almost unconsciously.

“Improved gripping strength produces faster results in the gym because you are able to hold onto heavy weights… In sports requiring the use of a racquet or bat, you’ll be able to swing it harder without losing your grip,” says David Benjamin in the online article “Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises” on

Want an easy way to improve grip strength, while still completing your everyday exercises—PICK UP A SANDBELL!! Seriously.

The active, shifting movement of the sand inside the SandBell (or steel inside the SteelBell), constantly activates and challenges the muscles in your hands and forearms. Practically every exercise you can do with a SandBell will also challenge those grip strength muscles that you now know are so important.

For SandBell exercise ideas, view our Hyper Training Lab videos. The videos are a great tool for expanding your fitness knowledge and uncovering new ways to challenge your body, get fit and increase your performance levels.

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