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Matt Holliday Ultimate Workout

April 19th, 2010

Matt Holliday Workout

A Matt Holliday workout cover story is in Muscle and Fitness magazine this month. Matt is a heavy hitter with explosive power and a strong core. The off season workout for Matt Holiday this year included a lot of time at the classic Hyde Park Gym in Austin, Texas, where Hyperwear was founded and the SandBell was invented. Hyde Park Gym is legendary in Austin and has been the training home of may professional athletes and body builders. The 30 year old MLP All Star baseball player pounds out the reps during the summer. He follows exercise routines designed by Steve Odgers, executive director of the Boras Training Institute  in Aliso Viejo, California. And, of course, while in Austin the Texas Longhorns baseball batting cages are there for hitting drills. Austin is home to many athletes in the off-season and many of them are using Hyperwear fitness equipment for performance training.

The key to Matt’s fitness and explosive strength include exercises like inverted rows with a TRX suspension trainer. To increase resistance beyond bodyweight training safely, Matt Holliday uses a SandBell. As pictured below you can see Matt with at least a 50 lb bag of sand on his chest.

Matt Holliday

Baseball MVP Matt Holliday working out with TRX and SandBell in Muscle & Fitness picture

It is always great to see the progression of sports performance training including innovative functional fitness tools like the Hyperwear SandBell and TRX in combination. Added to the fundamental olympic lifts, a professional baseball player, or any athlete can achieve the best performance while reducing the chance of injury.

If you try this inverted row, be certain to progress gradually. Be certain that you can handle your own bodyweight using the TRX with a strong back before adding resistance with a SandBell, SteelBell or Hyper Vest PRO weight vest.

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