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August 3rd, 2010 recently published an article about the benefits of training with a weight vest.  We are humbled by and appreciative for their placing our Hyper Vest PRO at the top of their list in that article: “The Best Weight Vests.”

A little background on LIVESTRONG…  Most of us have worn or at least seen the bright yellow, LIVESTRONG bracelets that began as a fundraiser in 2004 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF).  Based right here in Austin, TX, LAF was founded by cancer survivor and champion cyclist, Lance Armstrong, to provide support for people affected by cancer.   The LAF states that its mission is ‘to inspire and empower’ cancer sufferers and their families. The LAF also aims to provide practical information and tools for cancer sufferers in a, public health and research.

As the sentiment to “live strong” has grown, so has the vision and reach of the LIVESTRONG concept.  They now also operate a website that, according to their About Us page, was built “…as the definitive daily health, fitness and lifestyle destination. Through its rich and extensive content, interactive tools and an engaged community, LIVESTRONG.COM will help people take action to make the most of their life, their time, their body and their world.”

With pages covering Health, Fitness, Diet & Nutrition, Inspiration and more, it’s worth taking a look around to inspire you and educate you along your fitness journey.

Thanks again, for the shout-out,!  And thank you for your commitment to health!

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