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Leadville Chronicles – Earn it.

August 14th, 2013

Earn it. 
As you guys know I have been training for Leadville for the last few months. And, this morning I had the most ridiculous thought. “jeez, I cannot wait for this race to be over so I don’t have to train so much” that was my thought and as soon as I thought it, a slight revelation came over me. That is ridiculous because my endurance training, in addition to providing so many other mental and physical benefits also allows me to EARN what is valuable to me.

Do you want to truly enjoy sleeping in on the weekend? When you train for weeks on end and always rise before the sun….sleep in and feel the joy. Do you want to really enjoy a movie on a Saturday night? Strip your family’s reliance on TV for a few weeks….then sit back, pop some corn, cozy up, and feel the joy. Do you want to really enjoy a cheeseburger? Eat clean for two weeks without slipping….then, go to All Star Burger, let it rip, and feel the joy.

The consistent similarity? To Earn Something

To acquire, merit, or deserve through behavior or action.

That, my friends, is such a powerful revelation. There is no value without the earning part.

Who do you think feels more proud of the $10 mil in their bank account – “the lottery winner” or “the guy that had a great idea and worked his tail off”? The guy that earned it is no doubt more proud. He is no doubt more aware of the value his blood sweat and tears brought to the table. The sacrifice, the saving, the work, the earning process is where the value is created and in my opinion where true Joy is found.

Do I get sick of training, getting up early, spending 4 hours before work running in the Texas heat, going to bed earlyon Friday night so I can run early Saturday morning? Hell yes. But that is why I love the occasional beer with my wife on Friday night and just sitting and talking with my 4 kids or saving up and buying those tools I always wanted from Home Depot. IT is because I have earned it. It was not given to me

Sign up for a challenge that makes you uncomfortable and go earn what is valuable. Because at the end, finishing and accomplishing that goal will be great, but the enhanced value to everything sacrificed on the way will be overwhelming. It is about the ride, not the destination.

Training update:
Texas Summer has arrived and seems to be camping on my face. Holy Smokes, can anyone even breathe around here? I think it hit 108 on Saturday. Running in the heat is great training but certainly adds to the complexity. Enough water and electrolytes becomes a major concern…not that is wasn’t before but just more of a focus.

I am feeling stronger and remain healthy but the biggest surprise to really increase my chances for success was revealed to me a few weeks ago. Dean, my ultra running partner and friend since 2nd grade is coming to pace me. Neither of us have ever run 100 miles without the other. It is a true bromance forged in suffering and long miles…and the occasional binge drinking beer session, but him coming is a game changer. Watch out Leadville, confidence is starting to pick up.

This is really unrelated to training but one of my former blogs referred to our Wednesdays as No TV and Technology days. I wanted to report that TV in my household has become like that semi-friend/acquaintance on Facebook that just has to post every little detail in their life. Occasionally entertaining but basically just useless and a waste of time. Unplug….it will change your life.

Denver Fredenburg is the CEO of Hyperwear and all around badass fitness guy. For more information on weight vests and weight training equiptment, please visit

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