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SandBell grid station games

January 19th, 2012

Welcome back to Thursday’s K-12 P.E. Drill Thrill! This week, we’re bringing you two great SandBell grid station games!

Grids are small activity areas, about 10’ x 10,’ and can be used for small sided games, or as stations. Typically, 4 to 6 students are assigned to each grid. The size of the grid and number of student s per grid will vary with the size of the instructional area available, and the number of students per class.

Game #1: Give and Go

Set-Up:  Divide students into groups of four and give each group one SandBell.


  1. The student that starts with the SandBell must establish a pivot foot and cannot move.
  2. The other students move randomly around the grid space.
  3. Student with the SandBell can only pass to a player that is moving to an open space.
  4. How many passes can each group make in 30 seconds, 60 seconds? Repeat game until each student plays the pivoting role. 

Game #2: Grid Pass Tag

Set-Up: Divide students into groups of four, and give each group one SandBell.


  1. One student is the “hound,” all others are the “foxes.”
  2. The hound attempts to escape the tag of the foxes.
  3. The foxes pass the SandBell to one another and must tag the hound with the SandBell in two hands.
  4. The fox with the SandBell cannot move, i.e. must establish a pivot and is not allowed to run.
  5. Foxes without the SandBell should move into a position near enough to the hound to receive a pass.
  6. The key is for the foxes to pass quickly and move as soon as they pass the SandBell, i.e give and go!

Give these a try during you’re next P.E. class and let us know what you think!

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