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Joey Votto’s Workout at IMG Baseball Academy: Combine360

May 13th, 2011

Do you read Men’s Fitness Magazine?

In the June/July 2011 issue of Fitness Magazine is an article about Major League Baseball’s Joey Votto workout routine .  The article is all about his preseason training , complete with some notes on the actual workout he does at IMG Baseball Academy under the direction of trainer, Corey Stenstrup.

He just happens to use Hyper Wear’s SandBells!  Take a look at this awesome full-body, SandBell slam:

All I can say is, that SandBell is fixin’ to prove its worth!

Here’s a breakdown of Votto’s workout:
Powerplate, one set each:

  • Bodyweight squat
  • Squat with cables
  • Squat overhead press combo
  • Squat lateral raise combo

Movement drills: ­low-grade plyometrics (20 minutes)

  • Medball angled half lunge multi-response throws (2×10-15)
  • Layer core/posture pose- 20sec/side
  • Single DB clean (sandbell surface): 2-4 reps per set
  • Sandbell windmill slams: 2-4 reps per set each side
  • Ring pulls-knee tuck (two reps at a time): 3-6 reps per set
  • Grid push up+2 pos 3sec iso (sandbell on upper torso): 3-6 per set
  • Single arm sandball shoulder combo: 6 each arm/each slot (one set)

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