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J vs. C Fitness Faceoff: Best SandBell exercise

December 23rd, 2011

With Christmas just around the corner, your friends at Hyperwear thought it would be especially fitting to introduce a new weekly blog segment—J vs. C Fitness Faceoff. Each week Jordan and Chris will dive into various fitness topics to bring you a well-rounded point-of-view on everything from exercise technique to health and diet, you name it, we’ll argue about it!

Q: What is your favorite SandBell exercise—how do you perform it, what muscles does it primarily activate, etc?

J: Hands down, the SandBell Hamstring Kicks. Very few exercises activate your hamstrings like this one does. You have no idea how bad your hamstrings, glutes and random muscles/tendons in your ankles and shins can burn until you’ve tried this sandbell exercise.

C: The SandBell Burpee SLAM. Nothing is as much of a full body exercise as the Burpee SLAM. It incorporates everything—arms, legs, core—into a single, challenging movement. Doing as many as you can in one minute will burn you out quicker than any other exercise, period.

J: Alright, I’m with you on the Burpee SLAM as an intense total body exercise, but Hamstring Kicks are DEFINITELY harder. The acute burning sensation concentrated in one area, for what feels like hours, is undoubtedly more body-punishment than the Burpee SLAM, sorry I’m not sorry!

Q: What makes this exercise trump all the others?

C: It’s a total body exercise that combines a simple and effective push up with a difficult SandBell SLAM. The full-body benefits of the Burpee SLAM trump all other exercises—I don’t care what you say.

J: The only “trumping” quality you have over the Hamstring Kicks, is that the Burpee SLAMS are a total body workout. Get down and give me some Hamstring Kicks for 60 seconds and I guarantee you’ll recall that last statement.

C: Jordan, the hamstring kicks are great for the lower body, I’ll give you that. But I’m a guy, so honestly I’m not that concerned with how my butt looks.

J: Hahah, ok ok touché. But seriously, (no pun intended) the longest I’ve ever been able to do the Hamstrings Kicks for is a little over a minute, and I’m crying after that minute. You could do Burpee SLAMS for 15 minutes and still get back up for more.

C: I don’t know what kind of SLAMs you’re doing, but with a 20 lb. SandBell you’re juiced after two minutes max.

Looks like the only way this argument is going to be solved, is in the gym. Think you’re tougher or more fit than Jordan and/or Chris? Try out these exercises during your next workout and let us know which exercise really trumps all!

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