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J vs. C Fitness Faceoff: Best places to workout in Austin

December 29th, 2011

Happy holidays and welcome back! In this week’s Fitness Faceoff, Jordan and Chris share their opinions on the best places to workout in Austin. Read below to see what the two have to say about where they prefer to get their fitness on.

Q: What is your favorite place to exercise in Austin, and why?
C: The Greenbelt. No place in Austin is as beautiful. The challenging terrain makes for an awesome mountain bike/ trail run experience. I’ve been mountain biking the greenbelt for 5 years and I’m still discovering new trails. When it rains enough you can go swimming at Campbell’s hole or Twin Falls. I lived on spyglass for 3 years and spent almost every spare moment I had down there. The greenbelt is the gem of the Austin parks department. Nothing can top it.
J: I’ll admit, the Greenbelt is a great place to exercise. But obviously I have to disagree with you. The Town Lake running trail is definitely my go to spot. It’s the perfect area to run and get away from the city streets, and it just happens to be perfectly positioned almost in the midst of the city. The trees, water and scenery are beautiful and it’s always alive with people, not to mention it’s a fabulous place to people watch. In my opinion, the routes never get old and hey, you never know you might see Matthew McConaughey out for a quick jog.
Q: What makes your favorite place better than others?
C: It’s betterĀ because of the varied terrain. There are so many trails it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re a pro it makes for endless opportunties to explore and find new challenging terrain. The only downside is during the summer, if there is water you get mobs of teenagers that go down there to drink and party. They leave litter everywhere. It makes me sad.
J: Town Lake is the trail for everyone. Whether you’re looking to go three miles, or 11, there’s a trail for you. It’s shady and offers some relief from the heat in the summer, the changing leaves make it beautiful in the fall and not much can beat a good trail run in the winter. It’s an all inclusive trail that’s perfect year round, a beautiful escape from the city and the best place to run off some steam and stress.
Looks like Jordan and Chris have weighed in on two equally great places to workout in Austin. What do YOU think? Is Town Lake better, or the Greenbelt, or perhaps there’s another place in Austin you prefer to workout, we want to know!

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