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Apple Watch: Top 5 Fitness Tips

Apple Watch Grabs the Fitness Tracker Spotlight

But You Can’t Measure What you Don’t Do …
What are the Top 5 Fitness Tips to Get You Working Out?
Apple Watch fitness tracker

A lot of excitement was unleashed last month when Tim Cook took the stage to show off the new Apple Watch: what everyone had been calling the “iWatch” during the secrecy leading up to the product announcement. Hints of what Apple was planning had been seen in the health and fitness community with some of the key hires made by Apple for the iWatch in recent months. Significant among them was the addition of Jay Blahnik, a widely respected fitness pro, to the Apple team.

At Hyperwear we have been following the developments in digital health and trying out various fitness trackers with mixed results. (I have a Fitbit on my wrist as I type this and like it, but just noticed – again – that the battery died and I need to search for the tiny dongle to charge it.)

While technology is great and we love it: YOU CAN’T MEASURE WHAT YOU DON’T DO. Fitness trackers will not change that fundamental problem with getting fit and healthy. You have to ultimately DO WORK, which is what we call “Analog Health”. So how does that happen? How do you turn your life around with a fitness habit and include hardware devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit and health apps as your trackers and motivators?


  • HAVE A GOAL: Essential. Whether it is to lose weight or finish a race, pick a goal to reach. And when you reach it pick another. Signing up for a road race or obstacle course like a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash race will provide the motivation you need. Getting into the competitive side of working out and the habit of the daily WOD has been key to the attraction and success of Crossfit workouts.
  • HAVE A FITNESS HABIT: Simple triggers can be used to remove any doubt that you are going to workout today. This can be as easy as putting your workout clothes out the night before so that they, and you, are ready to go. Have a set schedule when you are going to workout and make it a time and day you will rarely have to miss due to another commitment.
  • HAVE A TRAINING PLAN: Get the right plan in place. This is where fitness apps and trackers can be a great tool. Or make sure you pick a personal trainer or group workout that is providing you with progressions and recovery. Make proper nutrition a part of any plan. Apps like Myfitnesspal and others that will help you count calories you eat are very useful when used in combination with an iWatch, Fitbit or Jawbone Up that count your calories out. There is no way around the fundamental law of weight loss: calories in must be less than calories out no matter how much you workout.
  • HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY: This can be measuring and sharing with a fitness tracker, being part of a training group for a race, joining a group exercise class with a friend, having a workout partner or mentor, or working with a personal trainer. The successful weight loss programs have included group support: either in person or in online communities. Sharing your workouts on Twitter or Facebook may seem trivial, but telling friends and followers you are working out can help you be committed.
  • HAVE A REAL WORKOUT: There is no way around hard work to get real fitness results. Group exercise classes that are all great music and choreography are fun and motivating, but will you see real results in weight loss, strength and health in the long run? Try high intensity interval training, HIIT, and always build periods of rest and recovery into your workout. Use tools to up your workout effectiveness to get more results in less time. Adding a Hyper Vest PRO weighted vest to bodyweight training, using a dynamic free weight that shifts and moves like the SandBell sandbag weights, working with the SteelBell instead of a kettle bell, or taking battle rope to the next level with the SandRope neoprene battle rope are all ways to get more out of your workout. Helping you get results  and use your workout time more effectively has been the Hyperwear mission since 2007.

OK. Done writing. Now I just need to figure out where I put that dongle so I can get my Fitbit charged.

sandbag training

SandBell Sandbag Training a great HIIT Workout



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