Indiana Pacers in NBA playoffs —was it the SandBell Training?

SandBell Training for Basketball Strength & Conditioning

We are in the midst of the 2014 NBA playoffs, inching closer and closer to the finals and the heat is on! So far the Indiana Pacers are tied against the Heat—why do I highlight the Indiana Pacers? They are one of the NBA teams that have used SandBell training, along with the Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers. The use of our SandBells for sandbag training amongst these notable NBA teams started back around 2010.

So how is the SandBell used specifically in basketball training?—Hyperwear  has created a pivot series that is great for practices and game preparation. The exercises can be found here. It is recommended to use an eight or ten pound SandBell when using the product with the particular exercises we have created for basketball training. The exercises target the shoulder girdle, hip complex, back, grip, wrist/forearm, and abdominals and promotes improvement in flexibility, mobility, and control.


sandbell training

SandBell Overhead Swing and Press

If the fact that NBA basketball teams use the SandBell®  is not enough to convince you of their quality and affect on performance, nationally renowned strength coach, Alan Stein, promoted the Hyperwear weight vests and SandBells in his blog about leaving your comfort zone to achieve success. Stein has experience coaching elite high school, college, and NBA players, one of them being Kevin Durant.

The SandBell offers the same benefits of your run-of-the-mill free weights at the gym, but with added safety and versatility. The neoprene casing and sand-filled element provides the safety feature and unlike dumbbells, SandBells can be thrown, glided, and slammed, showcasing its versatility.

So whether you are looking to improve your hoop game or just looking for a way to maximize your workout—the SandBell  might be an option to try out!

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