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SandBell HIIT Partner Workout

March 30th, 2017

Hit a plateau and lacking the motivation to get going again? We totally get it! Sometimes self-motivation is just downright hard to find. Maybe it’s time to switch up your workout!

Grab a friend and try this fun and high-intensity SandBell partner workout. Trust us, you will not only feel motivated but you’ll also feel the burn!

Perform this SandBell Partner Workout as a 15-minute AMRAP, which means you complete As Many Rounds As Possible.



1. High to Low Rotation Pass

Perform 5 reps each direction

High to Low Rotation Pass

High to Low Rotation Pass

• Stand back-to-back, slightly apart with one person holding the SandBell.
• Both of you twist to one side, raising your arms up over one shoulder as the person with the SandBell passes it to their partner.
• Twist to the opposite side and reach down and across your body to the outside of your opposite knees, passing the SandBell again.
• Repeat back and forth.


2. Lunge Pass with Squat

Perform 5 reps each leg.

Lunge Pass with Squat

Lunge Pass with Squat

• Stand about 5 feet apart with one partner holding the SandBell at chest height.
• Partner with the SandBell performs a reverse lunge while the other partner performs an air squat.
• Both come back up to standing and partner with the SandBell throws it to the other partner.
• As she catches it, she will step into a reverse lunge while the other partner performs the air squat.
• Continue tossing back & forth while alternating between a reverse lunge and an air squat.


3. Side Plank Rotation Pass

Perform 5 reps each side.

Side Plank Rotation Pass

Side Plank Rotation Pass

• Both partners start in the top of a push up with shoulders almost touching and a SandBell on the ground beside partner A
• Partner A grabs the SandBell and raises it straight up, rotating her body why partner B raises her arm up and rotates to take the SandBell
• Partner B lowers the SandBell down and underneath her other arm to pass it back partner A


4. Plank with Slurpee

Perform 3 reps each side.

Plank with Slurpee

Plank with Slurpee

• Partner B starts in the top of a push up with partner A standing to the side of her feet, holding a SandBell at chest height
• Partner A jumps laterally over partner B’s legs and upon landing pressed the SandBell overhead and then slams it to the ground, places her hands on the ground beside the SandBell, jumps her feet back, performs a push up and comes back to a standing position, grabbing the SandBell on the way back up i.e. she does a Slurpee
• Partner A jumps back over partner B’s legs and performs another Slurpee

Click here to view the entire workout video!

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