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Hyperwear Community Education

April 7th, 2014

Hyperwear provides simple. powerful. gear. Not only is the gear simple and powerful but INNOVATIVE. For example, free weights are not a new concept. They are available in many forms including dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. However, the SandBell® is an innovative twist on the free weight.

sandbell reviewsHyperwear prides itself on the ability to take the mundane exercise tool and shake things up to make it brand new. Not only does Hyperwear want to provide creative tools, but they also want to provide programs just as innovative.You could have a solid product and a solid routine, but what good would it be if the consumer did not have the knowledge on how to use the product and how to implement the routine?The product and program are useless. This is where the Hyperwear Community Education comes into play.

What is the Hyperwear Community Education?  It is the portion on the Hyperwear website that takes you to our online platform– filled with instructional step-by-step videos, informative blog articles, and a space where Hyperwear users can converse with other users and Hyperwear directly!

Should I invest in a weight vest? What workout could I perform with the SandBell® if I want to work my glutes and hamstrings? What is the benefit of performing the SLAM series for my body in comparison to the PUSH series?  These are all questions that could be answered on our platform.

So hold back no longer; become a part of our growing Hyperwear Community and begin firing away questions and comments. We can’t wait for you to join our FIT FAM!

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