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TRX + Hyper Weight Vest + SandBell SandBag = eXtreme Functional Training Workout

March 1st, 2010

Functional fitness combining the TRX Suspension Trainer

Functional training equipment works great in combination. Today we’re taking to the beautiful outdoors of Austin, TX! We’re talking SandBells and TRX Suspension Training for the next several weeks and you are in for a good time, I promise you that!

If you are familiar with the TRX straps we’re talking about, you might be thinking “How can Bill combine one hands-dominant exercise with another?” Well, start with some good creative thinking, add in some quality pieces of training equipment with no limits to where we can exercise, and you’ve got yourself a training program! Enjoy this opening video on front squatting with the TRX and SandBells!

Key Points – Squatting in the split stance position is great for single leg strengthening and taking your overall leg strength and stability to a greater level instead of always doing a traditional base-stance squat.

See the video at

TRX Suspension Trainer Total Body Workout via Hyperwear®


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