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Hyper Wear SandBells – A Weapon in the War Against Childhood Obesity

September 10th, 2010

Here at Hyper Wear, we have a big heart for kids.  One of our driving passions is to be a key fighter in the war against childhood obesity.  The statistics are devastating as the percentages of obese children and adults continue to climb.  Wikipedia says that 15-25 percent of American children and adolescents are now obese.  That means as many as one in four children and teens are obese.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, we had P.E. (physical education) class every day.  We learned basic sport skills, jumped rope, played various forms of tag and the like.  Although I always hated the days we played dodgeball, I now see it as part of the bigger picture of making us physically active for a portion of our day, every day.  Given my experience with daily P.E., I was personally shocked to learn that P.E. had been taken out of public schools over the last few years.  We are just beginning to see it be reintroduced in pockets of the country.

Anyway, Hyper Wear has been fortunate for the last two summers to be invited to a summit for Texas P.E. Administrators.  We were at the summit to present our SandBells to the administrators after a gracious invitation by Michele Rusnak, who has worked tirelessly to build some amazing P.E. programs in the Austin Independent School District.  These administrators are walking the talk!  Every day, we had an optional SandBell workout and a number of them came out and “played” with us!  They saw how effortlessly SandBells made workouts more fun!

We are humbled by this important work and monumental task we are faced with.  We are grateful for so many fellow soldiers in this battle.  And we are encouraged by the simple fact that the problem of childhood obesity is at least on the radar of a lot of folks.  Spread the word!

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