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Hyper Vest, SandBell, SteelBell, Cooling Vest, and WaterBell Photo Shoot!

April 8th, 2011

It was time for some new product pics here at Hyper Wear – especially considering we’ve added so many new products since our last official shoot! The first generation of photos was awesome with two of our favorite trainers, Lauren Sparrow and Blake Gould:

Since that time, we’ve have mini-shoots with each new product as it came along, but as more folks find out about our products, we need more good shots of the SandBells, SteelBells, Cooling Vest, and WaterBells in action.  You’ll start to see the results of our photo shoot from this week on the website and other places, but I wanted you, our faithful blog readers, to get a glimpse behind-the-scenes!  These were just some quick shots I took with my phone…

Britny executes a single arm row, split stance, with a WaterBell.

Britny teaches Denver how to do a pike on a stability ball.

Diane shows us a single arm fly with a SteelBell

At this point, Denver had never done this quick-hands drill.  He said to Britny, “Is that hard?  Why are you going so slow?”  So we let Denver give it a 30-second try…he was no longer picking on Britny about going slow…  If you’ve ever done this drill with us at a tradeshow or presentation, you know it is MUCH harder than it looks!

Cosmo instructs Britny and Denver on what exercise he wants to shoot next.

It was a fun afternoon and Cosmo got some excellent shots!  Thank you to our great models, Britny Fowler, Denver Fredenburg, and Diane Vives for your hard work and commitment.  We can’t wait to get these new pics out in the world!

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