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Hyper Vest Pro Weight Vest Video

April 16th, 2012

About Hyper Vest PRO Weight Vest

This revolutionary weight vest is changing the game in fitness and weight vest training. By weighing you down it steps up your performance. Run, train, lift, carry, hustle. Whatever you do, the PRO Vest does it with you, training you harder, making you a better, more efficient and responsive machine.

See this awesome weight vest in this video.

Hyper Vest Pro Weight Vest Video

Click on Image to Watch Hyper Vest Pro Weight Vest Video

No matter how vigorously you train, how hard you push or how fast you go, your performance will see improvement. Traditional weighted vests can cause unnecessary discomfort and impair breathing. Our weight vest’s advanced technology and design are created to improve and strengthen, not inhibit and interfere. Any way you wear it, move it and work it, the Hyper Vest PRO comfortably fits your body, challenging your muscles—even the ones you didn’t know you had.

The vest comes in several sizes and preloaded with 10lbs of weights. You can also add an extra 5 lbs of weight with our Booster Box.

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