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Obesity in America – Hyper Vest PRO Weighted Vest Can Help

September 15th, 2010

I came across this article today that drives home the point that most Americans are in denial about the seriousness of the obesity epidemic in our country.  In the article, titled “Many Americans Don’t Even Know They’re Fat,” we read that in a poll taken of 2,418 adults (aged 18 and over), many respondents have a skewed perception of where they fall on the healthy BMI scale.

It seems some saw this day coming in the 1980s.  Dr. Mitchell Roslin, chief of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, noted that “when [Dr. Everett Koop, surgeon general in the 1980s] wrote ‘Shape Up America,’ he said the biggest health problem facing America was not AIDS, not cancer, it’s obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Since then … we’ve seen nothing but a rise in obesity despite all of these efforts that have gone on now since the 1980s.”

We are proud to be an agent of change and want to encourage you to continue going against the culture by living a healthy lifestyle.  If you are one who couples exercise with proper nutrition, you are in the minority, but we’re in this battle with you!

Let us know – how do you use your Hyper Wear products to fight the fight against obesity?

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