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Hyper Vest® COOL: The Superhero of Summer

August 29th, 2012

It’s Texas, it’s summer, it’s water-boiling hot. And just because the temperature consistently climbs into triple-digit heat, doesn’t mean you can take a workout hiatus.

Enter the Hyper Vest® COOL, the superhero of summer that’s gracing summer runners, walkers, CrossFitter’s, boot camper’s and gym-goer’s alike with its super-human ability to defeat the heat and cool your core.

But really, if you haven’t tried out, seen, or read up on the Hyper Vest COOL, do yourself a favor and get enlightened with some refreshing knowledge about how this cooling vest can have you actually enjoying your summer runs and activities, despite the grueling heat.

Essentially, the Hyper Vest COOL is a lightweight vest filled with thin, flexible cooling packs strategically placed across your core, upper and lower back. How light is “lightweight?” Well, the small vest weighs 4 lbs., medium 5 lbs. and large 6.5 lbs. Don’t fret, 6.5 lbs. may sound hefty, but very few people wear the large. Bret Hutchens, Director of Sales at Hyperwear, is 6’ 1’’, 195 lbs. and he comfortably fits into the medium. Plus, the cooling packs are distributed evenly across your core so the packs aren’t weighing you down at one concentrated point.

Recently, The Hyper Vest COOL was featured in the Austin American Statesman article, “Workouts Can Still Be Cool,” as a product reviewed for its ability to help beat the heat. The article shed some great light onto the COOL vest’s benefits and advantages, but some hazy points should be made clear.

Sure, the COOL vest may not score you any points in the do’s or don’ts section of Vogue’s summer trends, but it WILL chill your core and make working out when it’s 100°F surprisingly bearable. Not to mention, “A version with gel packs that don’t stay cold as long” is referring to the Hyper Vest COOL filled with GEL packs. The GEL packs maintain 32°F for up to an hour, while the PCM packs stay at 58°F for 2 to 3 hours (depending on level of intensity and outside temperature). GEL packs are great to rapidly cool the body in a short period of time, i.e., pre-or-post cooling, and PCM packs are designed to stay cool long enough for you to wear the vest during a workout. Thus, you should take into account your training needs and duration of workout when picking out the pack that’s right for you.

Regarding the PCM packs, if 58°F doesn’t seem cool enough for you, consider this—Barton Springs stays at 68°F year-round. And jumping into that natural spring mid-summer will send one intensely chilling shock through your body. And if 68°F feels cold, then think about how 58°F of bone chilling-goodness would feel wrapped around your core when you’re jogging around Town Lake at 2 o’clock in the afternoon?

Now, we know and believe the Hyper Vest COOL is a powerful tool when it comes to helping your body prevent fatigue and exhaustion when exercising in the heat. But we wanted to have the “professionals of summer running” put this vest to the test and see what they thought of its cooling abilities. So, what better people to try it out than the ultra-runners racing in Capt’n Karls 30k and 60k trail race?!

On Saturday, August 11th, 3 Hyperwear employees, 30 COOL vests, 3 Yeti coolers and one pop-up tent piled into a suburban headed to Colorado Bend State Park to bring the Capt’n Karls runners cool relief and improved race times. If we had any hesitations about the reaction of the runner’s to the vest, they were quickly diminished by the overwhelming positive feedback and sheer number of people wanting to use them.

Image compliments of Robert Parker. Click to view image.

One of the 60k runners (pictured on the left) actually wore the COOL vest three different times, he started with one and wore it until mile 5, picked up another vest at mile 14 and then used ANOTHER ONE during his last 5 miles. At one point during the race, all 30 of the vests were being used and we frantically had to pick up vests from the finish line to get them frozen and ready for action.

(The runners at the Capt’n Karl’s race used the Hyper Vest COOL with PCM packs. The temperature was in the upper 90s to 100 and because of the extreme intensity of running, and the amount of body heat runners put off, the PCM packs lasted about an hour, or roughly 5 miles before they began loose their chill)

What’s more, many university track and field teams use the Hyper Vest COOL to help their runners combat heat exhaustion and take the hot strain off summer training. This vest is tried and true when it comes to offering cooling relief and saving your summer activities from heat devastation. Pick up your own cool vest today and see for yourself how the Hyper Vest COOL will take back your summer training and have you feeling fresh and energized.

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