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Circuit Training Part 4 w. Diane Vives

August 23rd, 2011

Welcome back to week four of the Hyper Training Lab! This last week will consist of an exciting challenge circuit that is designed to push clients to bring out their competitive spirit and inner athlete. We are still using the same four categories of movement in our circuit, including:

  1. Level Changes – lower body dominant movements- dropping and raising the center of mass.
  2. Push/Pull – upper body dominant movements
  3. Rotary Stability/Rotation- focusing on core strength.
  4. Locomotion and Standing- athletic movements that increase coordinative skill.

This week’s challenge circuit still focuses on strength endurance and conditioning, while pushing the personal limits of clients and athletes.  The details, so you can do your own circuit in your home or facility, are as follows:

  • Always begin with a proper dynamic warm-up
  • For demo purposes each station shown here is 30 seconds, but the actual challenge can last 30-60 seconds depending on the exercise and intensity of the chosen movement.  Each person is instructed to perform within their on ability and focus on their personal best.
  • Different metrics you can use: challenge by number of repetitions completed in a specific time frame, or total time it takes to complete the task.
  • The challenge can be administered as a single exercise challenge or an entire circuit for the ultimate challenge.
  • In this particular challenge we are counting our repetitions and the key to success is providing clear and precise descriptions of what a “good” rep entails in order to be counted.
  • When using a circuit challenge I recommend a rest period of 15 seconds in between stations and then 2 minutes in between sets for 2-4 sets depending on the level of ability and training age of the participant.

And last, but not least, the fun part!  The exercise list:

1) Total Body Slam

  • Start with hands on the knees in an athletic position and SandBell on the floor.
  • When signaled to start, squat down and grab the SandBell with a two-handed grip
  • Use Triple extension of lower body and reach overhead with SandBell to load for the slam.
  • Fully extend SandBell above your head so there is visible space between head and SandBell.
  • Slam SandBell on the floor, finishing with good athletic position and proper neutral posture.
  • Each slam is one repetition

2) Rotational Push Up

  • Start in a push up position with SandBell underneath the chest
  • Perform a push up and touch the SandBell, then as you are pushing up into your rotation grab the SandBell from floor
  • Rotate all the way on the side of your shoes, turning hips completely perpendicular to the ground
  • Then Reach up with full extension of the arm toward the ceiling to create a T-position.
  • Each time your chest touches the SandBell in the bottom position is one repetition.

3) V Ups

  • Start laying flat in a supine position with arms extended with SandBell over-head.
  • Perform a V-up position by hinging at the hips and keeping the torso and legs extended
  • Pay attention to neutral spine posture and do not compromise the low back.
  • Touch your toes with the Sandbell and then return the Sandbell to floor by laying back flat and arms extended for each good repetition

4) Icky Shuffle with Ladder

  • Start at one end of the half ladder (full ladder can be used).
  • Perform the Icky Shuffle with two feet in, one foot out pattern.  Then change direction while advancing through the ladder
  • Helps for client or athlete to understand the rhythmic pattern or sound the proper foot pattern makes as they hit “right, left, right” or “1, 2, 1”
  • Each time you successfully hit all the steps advancing through the ladder and turn around is a repetition


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