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Circuit Training Part 2 w. Diane Vives

August 9th, 2011

Hyper Training Lab #2

In this second video, Diane continues with the second week of the four week series that focuses on circuit training based on body movements, instead of  body parts.  As a reminder, the four categories of movement in the circuit are:

  1. Level Changes – lower body dominant movements- dropping and raising the center of mass.
  2. Push/Pull – upper body dominant movements
  3. Rotary Stability/Rotation- focusing on core strength.
  4. Locomotion and Standing- athletic movements that increase coordinative skill.

This circuit is for conditioning and building foundational strength although we are bumping up the intensity from Week 1.  The details, so you can do on your own or in your facility are as follows:

*  Always begin with a proper dynamic warm-up and movement preparation

*  For conditioning, perform 45 seconds to 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest in between each station.

*  Four-exercises in each circuit

*  Three to four rounds or circuits with 60-90 seconds of rest in between rounds for entire workout

And last, but not least, the fun part!  The exercise list:

1. Ribbon Lunge

  • Focus is on great frontal plane movement and lateral movement that is essential to agility and changes of direction
  • Lateral lunge as you sweep through the rotational pattern (“ribbon”)
  • Sit back into the hips on lunging hip

2. Bent Over Row

  • Grip factor is awesome on this
  • Start with Flat, neutral back and knees slightly bent
  • Pull SteelBell to chest with a 45 degree angle with the upper arms
  • Look forward to keep cervical alignment with the rest of the spine

3. Side Plank with Knee Tuck

  • Stack the feet with great total body alignment from heels, hip, up to the shoulder.
  • Knee Tuck challenges core strength and rotary stability
  • Keep shoulders quiet
  • First Progression: Plank on forearm
  • Second Progression: Plank on Hand.

4. Single Leg, Single Arm Reach

  • Focus on dynamic balance and lower body alignment for the plant leg
  • This builds strength and stability that translates into locomotive skills
  • Tones down the overall intensity of the circuit by adding this balance move.
  • Hips stay parallel to ground and don’t roll out

Have fun and let us hear your feedback!


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