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Hyper Training Lab: Partner Toss Circuit

November 29th, 2011

Welcome back to the Hyper Training Lab! This week, we are continuing our series of labs led by Hyperwear Training Ambassadors. In this circuit, Edwardo Williams takes us through a great partner circuit that targets the arms, core and stabilizing muscles. This circuit is an excellent way to add intensity and challenge to boot camps, fitness classes, personal training sessions, etc.

Partner Circuit Exercises:

  1. SandBell Partner toss with one arm grab—works shoulders and core isolation, partner receiving the toss throws diagonally across the body
  2. SandBell Partner toss in plank position—focus on keeping the shoulders locked into place and maintaining a flat, stable back, throw the SandBell laterally back to the person tossing the SandBell
  3. SandBell partner toss cross body slams—focuses on torso cross-body work

To view this week’s Hyper Training Lab video!  Add these exercises to your next workout, and be sure to tailor weight and repetitions to fit your training needs!

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