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Hyper Training Lab: High Intensity Leg Circuit

November 1st, 2011




Welcome back to the Hyper Training Lab with Diane Vives MS, CSCS! This week, Diane brings you a great leg circuit to challenge the energy systems by focusing on conditioning. This circuit uses four exercises with little to no rest in between each exercise in order to take advantage of generating more volume in a short amount of time.  For progression, you can start with half the number of reps and master each exercise first with 30-90 seconds rest in between. Then, your goal is to work up to the given number of repetitions and immediately transition to each exercise without resting. You can wear a weighted vest to increase the intensity of the workout.

Leg Circuit Exercises:

  1. 24 hip swings with SteelBell or SandBell
  2. 24 alternating lunges with SteelBell/SandBell exchange
  3. 24 power steps with SandBell, option to substitute split jumps
  4. 12 squat jumps

Now go out and give this circuit a try, and remember to work up to eliminating the rest in between each exercise if necessary.

It’s your move! Watch this week’s Hyper Training Lab video.

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