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Challenge Core Strength With One-Sided Load

October 25th, 2011

Welcome back to the Hyper Training Lab! In this week’s lab, Diane Vives brings you a great circuit that focuses on challenging core strength with a one-sided load. Rotary stability is the ability to resist unwanted movement and maintain excellent posture and control.  The benefits of training your body to execute good posture come into play when you perform movements that require core strength and stability.

The following exercises are a great way to improve strength training movements and overall performance, and also have the added benefit of loading one side of the body, which places an additional emphasis on targeting rotary stability muscles.

Core Challenging Circuit Exercises:

  1. Squat with one arm carry- Using a SteelBell
  2. Lunge with lateral exchange – Using a SandBell
  3. Upper-body one arm curl to press- Using a SandBell
  4. One leg dead lift with one arm reach – Using a SandBell

All of these exercises are a great addition to building your exercise menu for stability challenging movements. Also, be sure to tailor the weight and number of repetitions to fit your individual workout requirements. Go out, give this circuit a try and let us know what you think!

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