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Superset Workouts for Athletes

August 30th, 2011
In this week’s Hyper Training Lab we are shifting more toward the athlete or the athletic-minded fitness enthusiast.   With the versatility of the Hyper Wear gear we can target several purpose-driven movements.
The focus this week is creating a super-set that integrates a traditional strength training movement with a non-traditional movement that emphasizes stability strength and power.
Super-Set #1
  1. Traditional Front Squat with Barbell
  2. One-Arm Snatch with SteelBell
This one-arm movement is easier to learn or progress than the two-handed grip based on the natural freedom of movement and ability to naturally adjust the shoulder joint, overhead for the catch.
Super-Set #2
  1. Bent-over Row with Kettlebells
  2. Walk-over Prone Row with SandBell
This movement is a great example of how to get a great combination of both stability and strength for the support arm and strength in the pulling movement of the rowing arm.  Both key for athletes and especially females looking to improve upper body strength.

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