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Hyper Like 777 Challenge Photo Contest!

July 25th, 2011

As you all may know, or should know for that matter, Hyper Wear is currently in the midst of the Hyper Like 777 Challenge! For those of you unaware of the Challenge, we are basically conducting a campaign to reach 777 Likes on the Hyper Wear Facebook page. In order to revamp this undertaking, today will mark the beginning of the Hyper Like Photo Contest!

Hyper Wear knows that you just looooove your SandBell/SteelBell/Hyper Vest PRO/Hyper Vest COOL, so show us! We have seen, heard and witnessed all the truly creative and dynamic ways our customers are using their Hyper Wear products. So, participating in the drive will be a snap!

All you have to do is take a cool, crafty, artsy, or whatever picture of your Hyper Wear product of choice, upload it onto our Facebook page and be sure to tag your friends in the photo, whether they use the product or not! It can be a solo shot of your SandBell, you exercising in your Hyper Vest, your boot camp doing a SandBell circuit, anything goes! The point is, we want you out there exercising and showing your Hyper Wear love. Then, by uploading and tagging your friends in the picture, they can be directed to the Hyper Wear page to see how cool and fun Hyper Wear is! (And Like the page, of course)

Also, just to refresh your memory, once the Hyper Wear Facebook page reaches 777 Likes, we will post a special discount code on Facebook that can be used on any one Hyper Wear product purchased through the website.

What are you waiting for?! We know you want more Hyper Wear gear, so get up, grab your camera and get to snappin!

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