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Group Fitness: Leadership and Teamwork

September 8th, 2014
group fitness leadership

Army PT Builds Leadership and Teamwork

Group Fitness Leadership Program Task Force 144

Teams up with Hyperwear for functional fitness equpiment

Coming September 29th to Austin, the new FIT-2-LEAD program will take 12 people currently in a leadership role at work and build their leadership and teamwork skills through group fitness training and monthly leadership development workshops. A new program created by Co-Founders Tony Burgess and Catie Kristy, Fit 2 Lead is perfect for people who have a leadership role. During the course of the 12-week program, participants learn cutting-edge concepts in fitness, leadership, and team building.  Those who complete the program can expect increases in fitness and effectiveness leading their organizations and teams.

Hyperwear is providing its functional fitness equipment as a sponsor of Task Force 144. Each leader-in-training will have a Hyperwear SandBell or SteelBell to keep with them for at home and at work exercises. Sessions will also include the SandRope battle rope and use of the Hyper Vest PRO weight vest. Task Force 144 will also work with Hyperwear on product programming and evaluation.

The top 5 benefits of learning leadership in a functional fitness program are:

  1. Getting physically fit
  2. Learning more about yourself and how to become better
  3. Knowing and understanding team members
  4. Developing organizational camaraderie ( the Band of Brothers effect)
  5. Practice leading which is the way to improve

Learn more today and register for the program.

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