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Great Oaks Elementary Wellness Day ~ SandBells Everywhere!

May 12th, 2011

We got invited to a nearby Elementary School to take part in their Wellness Day last Friday, May 6th.  We are always honored to be part of the efforts of schools to educate their kids about living a healthy life!

Great Oaks Elementary in Round Rock, TX, did such an excellent job of organizing their wonderful Wellness Day!  We welcomed seven classes of about 20-25 fifth graders to the gym for blocks of 20 minutes.  We played two highly intense and highly fun race-against-the-clock games that the kids absolutely LOVED!

Who would have thought exercising could be so fun?  But shhh…don’t tell the kids they were exercising – they just thought they were playing!

These kids use the SandBells in their Physical Education classes, but had never gotten to use a 50-pounder.  They entered the gym with wide-eyed wonder to see such a large SandBell in the middle of the room!  One of the games required the teams of 5 or 6 kids to work together to get their 50-pounder from the center of the gym to their team’s corner.  It’s amazing to watch how much fun they have lifting something heavy!

So, thank you again, Great Oaks, for the great day!  Keep doing what you are doing to fight the battle against childhood obesity – we’re proud to be on the front lines with you!

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