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Fit RUCK & SandRope Full-Body Combo

June 7th, 2017

This full-body workout combines the Fit RUCK convertible backpack and a 30lb SandRope.


• Use a Fit RUCK and a 30lb SandRope

• Perform 10 reps of each exercise in a circuit

• Perform 3 complete circuits

• Rest 60-90 seconds between circuits


1. Fit RUCK Clean

• Hold the Fit RUCK on floor
• Swing the Fit RUCK up in front to shoulder height
• Flip Fit RUCK over and catch on arms as you sink into a half squat
• Stand upright and flip the Fit RUCK back over and lower to the floor to repeat


2. Fit RUCK Lunge Rotation

• Stand holding the Fit RUCK in front at waist height
• Step one foot forward, drop the back knee and rotate the Fir RUCK to the outside of the front knee
• Return back to the upright position and repeat switching sides

3. Fit RUCK Thruster

• Stand holding the Fit RUCK at shoulder height
• Lower down into a squat, keeping the Fit RUCK at shoulder height
• Return upright and thrust the Fit RUCK overhead
• In one motion return the Fit RUCK to your shoulders and lower into a squat to repeat

4. Fit RUCK Swing

• Hold the Fit RUCK on floor by the top handle
• Swing the Fit RUCK out and up to shoulder height, extending your hips
• Guide the Fit RUCK back down the same path and repeat

5. SandRope Russian Twist

• Sit with your knees bent and feet flat, holding the SandRope, folded in half in both hands
• Twist to one side, lowering the SandRope to the floor
• Twist to the other side
• Repeat side to side

6. SandRope Side Pull Thru

• Start in the top of a push up with the SandRope to the outside of one hand
• Reach your opposite hand across and grab the end of the SandRope
• Drag the SandRope across to the outside of this arm
• Repeat to the other side

7. SandRope Crunch

• Lie holding the SandRope up over your chest with arms fully extended
• Lift your head and shoulders off the floor, pressing the SandRope up towards the ceiling
• Lower and repeat

8. SandRope Vertical Pull Thru

• Start in the top of a push up with the SandRope on the floor between your knees
• Reach one hand down and grab the end of the SandRope
• Drag the SandRope along the floor up to overhead
• Use the opposite hand to drag it back down between your knees
• Repeat dragging it up and down
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Declan Condron MS, CSCS, USAW

Hyperwear Director of Education

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