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Firefighter Weight Vest

Firefighter Weight Vest Review

Firefighter Weight Vest Review by Bestcovery

Firefighter weight vest products are a popular bodyweight training tool. We took a phone call from a customer today. He is a firefighter and had some questions about our Hyper Vest. First, we told him that a good friend of ours is a firefighter and he swears by his Hyper Vest. Our friend, Brian, wears 10-15 pounds around all day for everything from working out to hanging out to washing the fire engine to cooking lunch. When the call comes for a fire, he takes off the vest and puts his gear on. Now, because his muscles have been trained to carry 10-15 pounds of excess weight, his 40 pounds of gear feels more like 25 pounds. In addition, because he wears his vest cinched down pretty tight during the day, he is training his lungs to work harder, which means he has greater oxygen efficiency when actually in a fire. Lighter-feeling gear + greater oxygen efficiency = a firefighter with even better ability to save me when it counts.

Our new firefighter friend was pleased.

We asked how he heard about us and he told me that when he Googled “best weighted vest” a website called “Bestcovery” came up. Their tagline is “Discover the Best of Everything.” On the website, the Hyper Wear Hyper Vest weight vest is listed as the best weight vest out there! We’re so honored, thankful, and humbled to receive this title from this website. We really do work hard to make it the best and hope you think it is, too. Check out the Hyper Vest and buy your very own!