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Finally, a Weighted Vest That Fits Like a Glove

September 5th, 2012

Ahh… September.  The time of year when the kids go back to school and the leaves turn from vibrant shades of green to the rich colors of red and orange.  As temperatures cool and outside activities become more rare, it is easier to come up with excuses for missing a workout.  But when an activity speaks to our deepest desires we make the effort to hit the early morning run, a heavy lifting session, or a fun-filled class like Zumba.

Black 5 lb. Hyper Vest FIT

At Hyperwear, our motivation stems from our ultimate desire for health and fitness.  We understand that health is the byproduct of our fitness.  By increasing our fitness, we increase our health.  We know this speaks to your desires as well.  Why do you push yourself day in and day out at the gym? To see results. Whether your goal is to see your waist shrink, your strength increase, or your endurance peak to all time highs, your work in the gym is for something.

And our products are with you every step of the way. Our Sandbells, Steelbells, and Waterbells challenge elite athletes, excite group fitness classes, and get kids moving and having fun during physical education.  Our Hyper Vest Pro weight vest has a great set of loyal users who enjoy the physically demanding nature of the product.  After months of speaking to thousands of fitness enthusiast, first time gym users, professional athletes, and coaches, we decided something was missing in the fitness community.

Together, we created and designed a weight vest with one premise behind it.  Comfort.  The revolutionary design of the new Hyper Vest FIT and SXY makes these weighted vests the perfect addition to any workout at any fitness level.  Adding weight boosts intensity and builds lean muscle mass.  It improves cardiovascular endurance and core strength, allowing you to workout harder, longer.

The Hyper Vest FIT is specifically designed for men, with a shape and cut reminiscent of the Hyper Vest PRO.  Unique to the FIT & SXY line is the ability to wear it on top of your workout clothes, or underneath.  But we have a feeling you’ll be wanting to show it off!  The Hyper Vest SXY contours to the elegant shape of a woman’s body.  It understands your curves and won’t interfere with your workout.  Both vests make a statement that says I’m here for a challenge!  Hyper Vest SXY comes in three colors (Pink, Red and Black) and pre-loaded with 5 lbs. The Hyper Vest FIT comes in two colors (Black and Green) and pre-loaded with 5 lbs.  Booster packs are available to increase the weight of each vest (relative to the size).

Red, pink and black 5 lb. Hyper Vest SXY

What makes the design of the FIT and SXY exciting is the even distribution of weight across your core.  Why is this exciting?  It relieves the stress typically seen on joints during traditional weight lifting.  Time and again, research shows that weight bearing exercises are necessary to keep bones strong.  Combining your favorite exercises (jogging, aerobics, jumping and walking) with the low-stress of the Hyper Vest FIT or SXY makes it the ideal addition to your routine!

Max Weight Table

Hyper Vest SXY Hyper Vest FIT
Small 8 lbs.  N/A
Medium 8.5 lbs. 10.5 lbs.
Large 13 lbs. 18 lbs.

Tell us your favorite activities to do in the Hyper Vest FIT or SXY!

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