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Favorite SandBell Exercises of Hyperwear’s Elite

Happy Valentine’s Day! As an extension of yesterday’s blog post featuring the Hyperwear team’s favorite SandBell partner exercises, today we’re bringing you the favorite SandBell exercises of some of our Master Trainers! Find out how Hyperwear’s elite like to get physical with the SandBell, and see what moves they use to burn calories and strngthen bodies.

Derek Vanderbrink, PTA Global Faculty member with a MA in Physical Education & Recreation and a BSc in Kinesiology. What’s his favorite partner exercise? “Pivot Lunge Partner Slam!

Brook Benten, Founder of Cardiopump Fitness. Brook is the former group fitness director for the University of Houston, as well as the former fitness director for Southern Methodist University. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Sport Science with minor in Business Administration as well as a Master’s of Education in Physical Education with emphasis in Sports and Fitness Administration. Brook currently works as personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Pure Austin and loves to incorporate partner work with her clients; she’s also the star of Hyperwear’s DVD, SandBell Total Body Blast! Her favorite move is the: “SandBell Woodchop with a Slam.” For this exercise, the person stands with feet hip-width distance apart, holds the SandBell with both hands, twists the torso and raises the SandBell up and to the left of the head, drives it down to the right hip, repeats on the opposite side and then SLAMS the SandBell onto the ground!


Master Trainer, Brook Benten

Jim Warren, elite fitness trainer for the NFL, MLB, NBA, X-Games, US Ski Team, and collegiate athletes.  He is known as the “Trainer of Trainers,” as he focuses on developing the strengths youth athletes. The following sequence is his favorite workout to put athletes through at seminars and camps.  “When I have 3-5 athletes together we do a combo Spiderman Crawl/SandBell drag. The outside athlete (lets say far right guy from above) has to reach his inside arm (left) under his body reaching right and then drags from right to left until his left hand has the SandBell near the next athletes right hand. As he does this he has moved the SandBell about 20 inches towards his head (the group is traveling). The next guy repeats the process reaching under his body with his left hand and secures the SandBell and drags it up a little to his left. The next guy repeats. Once the SandBell has gotten to the last athlete (far left from above) the process repeats: right hand reaches under, drags at 20 inches from left to right to the next guy.  As this happens, the SandBell is zig-zagging a path and the whole group is traveling ahead. We cover a 25 yard field and it takes about 3-4 total line passes to reach the end. We decide in advance whether it is a Speed drill, which requires a 10 or 15 lb. SandBell, or a strength drill, 20-30 lb. SandBell, and give rest appropriately. Sometimes I will build a 2 v 2 or a 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 race. Really fun, very hard and the kids love it.”

Lisa Wheeler, National Creative Program Manager of Group Fitness for Equinox, owner of Wheels In Motion Productions and co-author of two New York Times Bestseller “30 Day Jump Start” and “6 Weeks to a Healthier You”. She serves as a contributing editor for Shape Magazine and is the Fitness Specialist at DailyBurn. You can catch her behind the scenes as assistant director, choreographer and consultant for productions such as NBC’s The Biggest Loser and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. It’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about fitness! Recently, she spent several days with the Hyperwear team filming for our new SandBell Group Fitness classes that are set to debut in March! In the last segment of the video shoot, Lisa and Denver (Hypewear CEO) demonstrated Lisa’s favorite partner exercise: “Partner Pike and Slide.”  Catch the video HERE!


Jordan, Lisa and Denver after the SandBell video shoot.

Now that we’ve given you several SandBell exercise ideas, it’s your turn to TELL US your favorite! Head over to the Hyperwear Facebook page and post your photos or video! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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