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F3 Nation workout in Austin and Spartan Race training!

February 22nd, 2012

F3 Fitness, Fellowship, Faith is coming to Austin, Texas and calling on all males to join them in their free, morning workout THIS THURSDAY at 6 a.m. Male patricipants should meet at the corner of Cesar Chavez and Congress for a self-described “solid workout.”

A little background for those unfamiliar with F3, this cost-free membership by participation group was founded on 1/1/11 as a means to provide men an outlet for staying fit and engaging in fellowship with other men. For a breakdown of the three core components driving the F3 Nation, keep on reading.

Fitness – This is the most basic, core element of F³.  At their heart, F³ groups are peer-led workouts that are strikingly effective.  When guys work out together in a small group, they feed off each other, enjoy themselves more and get better results

Fellowship – Many guys say that participating in an F³ group creates bonds that recall those they had with their high school and college buddies.

Faith — As a third-order effect, many F³ participants — having lost weight, gotten in shape and found fellowship in the process — find renewed purpose in thinking about Big Picture…We want the groups to be open to people of all faiths — and those of no faith.  But we also want to make exploration of a higher purpose available to all F³ participants who want to make that part of their lives.

Want to get involved? Then set your alarm for bright and early Thursday morning, and meet the F3 guys for a great workout starting on the corner of Cesar Chavez and Congress at 6 a.m.

Want more F3?! Well, if you’re in the Charlotte, NC area you’re in luck.

These guys aren’t stopping at free fitness, they’re also providing training for the 2012 Carolinas Spartan Sprint on March 24th and 25th. For those who haven’t registered, enter code “F3Nation” and get $15 off!

To find out more about F3’s training groups in Chartlotte for the Carolinas Spartan Sprint, click here.

Get up and get involved! Join F3 this Thursday in Austin, take part in their training group for the Carolinas Spartan Sprint, or check out their website for info on their meet-ups in Charlotte, Dallas and Georgia.


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