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Effective Sandbag Training

September 4th, 2013

Many people looking to get into shape seem to share the common misconception that, in order to get the most out of your workout, you need to have a set of dumbbells and exercise machines readily available to you. However, the fact is that you can get a great workout and get into the best shape of your life with nothing more than a little dedication, a quality pair of running shoes, and various sets of sandbags with which to strengthen your muscles.
Exercise sandbags are essentially just what the name describes: small bags full of sand that can be wrapped around various parts of the body to increase the intensity of one’s workout. These bags can be attached to the body through the use of Velcro straps and buckles or even through elastic bands for a more secure fit. Those looking to get into shape should consider sandbag training as an effective alternative to their normal routine.

BuildingĀ Arm Strength
If you are looking to build muscle in your arms, you should pick up a pair of quality sandbags that are made to be attached to the arms. The weight in pounds of these bags can vary, so be sure to buy ones that are the proper weight to give you a quality workout without causing too much strain on your muscles in the process. From there, in order to maximize your workout, you can strap on these sandbags as you perform your typical arm strengthening routine. Even just wearing these around while power walking can give you added arm muscle toning while burning more calories in the process.

Improving Your Cardio Workout
Often times, the best way to get a quality cardio workout is to go for a walk, job, or run. You can do this on a trail near your home or even hit your local gym and use an elliptical machine or treadmill in order to achieve a quality cardio workout. However, if you would like to further build your leg muscles and add more of a challenge to your typical cardio workout, you should consider using sandbags on your ankles as a way of making this happen. This will require your legs to use more strength when walking, jogging, or running, which will burn more calories and tone leg muscles in the process.

Core Training
What many people do not realize is that sandbags can also be used for core training and building ab muscles. Therefore, you may be able to use your sandbags to get that ripped six pack that you have always wanted. You will need a single, large sandbag in order to perform the necessary ab training exercises. For example, doing lunges while holding a large sandbag to the ground with both hands is a great way to tone abdominal muscles in a way that traditional ab exercises simply cannot.

ultimate sandbag training

Effective sandbag training with SandBells

If you are in the market to find the best sandbag to help you achieve the best results in your workouts, regardless of the particular part of the body you are looking to train, consider checking out the Hyperwear Sandbell. These are excellent for sandbag workouts and are extremely durable so that they can withstand even the most intense exercises.

As you can see, there are many ways in which using sandbags in your workouts can yield better results in terms of reaching your fitness goals, so be sure to give this a try for yourself.

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