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Denver Takes on IDEA East!

March 28th, 2014

The IDEA East fitness convention wrapped up its four day run from Feb. 27- March 2. Held in Alexandria, VA, it is a fitness and wellness professionals paradise. The convention invites top faculty in personal training to their event for sessions that include lectures, workouts, and hands-on workshops, the ability to earn CECs (continued education credits), and the overall ability to network with fitness enthusiasts around the globe.

The IDEA East Conference is one of a series of conventions that is put on by the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. The conference has currently sold out 5 years in a row. CEO of Hyperwear, Denver Fredenburg, made his first visit to the convention this past weekend. “IDEA East is a great place to interface with our customers directly. The difference is last year we did not have branded sessions, this year we had branded sessions and the response was fantastic,” Denver said of his experience.

So what is the benefit of attending such a conference? Networking. On both a personal and business level, IDEA East allows Denver to network within the fitness industry and meet and get to know the presenters that one day could potentially present for Hyperwear. Master Trainer, Derrick Price, co-founder of PTA Global, Rodney Corn, and Co-Founder of Advanced Training Performance, Training & Education Coordinator for PTA Global, Hayley Hollander were among some of this year’s presenters. There is also no better opportunity to get face-to-face with the consumer.

Some of Denver’s favorite parts of the conference were the master trainer sessions. Sergeant Ken led a full on outdoor 90 minute boot camp using the SandBell® products. “After Sergeant Ken’s demonstration…just seeing the response and demand for the product was really cool.”


Another Hyperwear Master Trainer, Britny Fowler, also lead the first ever branded SandBell® session at the trade show.“Britny was really focused on the personal trainer’s side…individual upper body to lower body…what you could get done all in a limited amount of space.”

The result of this year’s convention showed a massive validation of products according to the presence of the products and the number of products sold. Four other presenters outside of Hyperwear incorporated Hyperwear SandBell® products and sales results proved to be “night and day” compared to past visits to the convention.

But “success isn’t just defined by product sales,” remarked Denver, who is dedicated to continue growing the brand. In the upcoming weeks, Denver prepares for IDEA West, another convention put on by the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. “I’d like to perfect what we have on hand…we learned some things about product prescriptions” said Denver. One problem Denver recognized was the lack of lighter weights to accommodate women during group exercise. Because there were not enough lighter weights, some women were forced to use heavier weights than they were capable of using effectively. However, recognizing this problem, he vows to ensure it will not happen again.

Moving forward, Denver thinks IDEA East will improve sales and attending conventions like this will “certainly lead to bigger and better things.”

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