sandbag training system

The Hyperwear Fit RUCK® Sandbag Training System

Sandbag Training System for Outdoor Boot Camps or OCR Training

Boot Camps are a great way for personal trainers to maximize their income while providing participants with a physical challenge, camaraderie, and most importantly results. While working out in a gym gives trainers easy access to a plethora of equipment, training in a big open field, well that’s another story. While it might be a liberating experience to workout without the constraints of four walls, practical equipment options thus far have been limited. Some are taking advantage of a sandbag training system.

Participants could bring their own set of dumbbells and a mat. Or a trainer could “farmer’s walk” a bunch of kettlebells or dumbbells out to the training site. Or they could settle for the easy way out and just program everything around body weight training alone.

While body weight training is easy and very effective, after a few sessions, you may find you have exhausted your creativity for variations of push-ups and lunges combined with burpees.

The conundrum, up to this point, has been how to get extra cargo on site without having to lug the whole gym out to the middle of a park. Equipment needs to be: versatile, portable, safe and affordable.

Hyperwear®, makers of “simple, powerful gear” have got you covered. Introducing the Hyperwear Fit RUCK®. sandbag training system.

sandbag training system

The Fit RUCK® convertible rucksack sandbag training system begins as a quality ballistic nylon ruck with comfortable padded shoulder straps and back area. Six easy grip rubber handles arranged on all four sides allows you to quickly convert the Fit RUCK® into the best sandbag training tool.

Inside is a large interior compartment with pouches that can be filled using SandBell®, SteelBell® or SandRope® free weights. It is also perfect for stowing other portable equipment like exercise bands, TRX®, etc… The Fit RUCK® holds up to 40lbs of additional weights.

Create your desired load (up to the recommended weight limit), and start your workout by rucking your load outdoors. Next, convert your Fit RUCK® into the ultimate training sandbag by detaching and stowing the shoulder straps in a compartment at the back. Your Fit RUCK® is now a super single heavy sandbag.

The front of the Fit RUCK® sports military ruck style webbing to attach accessories (water bottles, mats, etc.). A water bladder compartment and tube opening makes it the perfect rucking backpack. It also doubles as a gym bag and gear bag for day-to-day use making it the ultimate sandbag training system.

Trainers already know and use Hyperwear SandBells. The versatility of the SandBell is one of its most appealing characteristics, along with its safety portability, simplicity, and affordability.

For the most effective Boot Camp an assortment of weights is ideal. The FitRUCK® holds up to 40 lbs of SandBells. Try hauling that many dumbbells or kettlebells for each person to your workout spot.

The Fit RUCK® can be used as a sandbag training system on its own, with the SandBells loaded inside as one heavy sandbag with multiple handles. Just cinch up the side straps and use it for all manner of exercises like shouldering, loaded squats, swings, presses, windmills, thrusters, weighted carries and much more.

ultimate sandbag

Filling Fit RUCK with SandBells

You can also open up your Fit RUCK®, take out the individual SandBells and put them to use for an infinite variety of sandbag exercises that are effective and safe. Any exercise with dumbbells, medicine balls, or kettlebells and a wide range of power lifts can be easily included in your workout.

If the Fit RUCK® is loaded with sufficient weight, it can be an anchor for a SandRope, band exercises, such as chest press, flys, rows, kickbacks, chops and more. Simply weave the tubing through one of six handles and have at it. When done simply roll the band neatly inside the Fit RUCK®, and zip it up to stow for your next workout.

Since the Fit RUCK® also functions as a backpack, transporting the contents from place-to-place as you travel throughout the park is easy and a workout by itself.

Is it a high quality, durable backpack? Yes. Is it an equipment transport system? Yes. Is it it’s own super sandbag? Yes. Is it a rucking style pack with additional water and storages compartment? Yes. Is it expensive? No, considering the Fit RUCK® is ALL of these things and retails for only $99.99 (without SandBells).

Revolutionize your training with this versatile, safe, portable, and affordable innovation. This product is sure to change the playing field for outdoor Boot Camps.  Learn more on when you can purchase your own Fit RUCK®.

Check out Hyperwear’s Fit RUCK® Sandbag Training Exercise Video.

Brook Benten

President of Cardiopump™ Fitness, LLC.
Hyperwear Master Trainer 

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