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Circuit Training With SandBell and TRX Suspension Trainer

June 22nd, 2011

It’s summer, it’s hot and honestly, beating the heat just isn’t an option. So, embrace it! This week, the Hyper Wear staff took to the warehouse to bring you one intensely-fun circuit workout using SandBells and the TRX Suspension Trainer!

Set-up: Depending on how many SandBells you own, you can complete each circuit using the same SandBell, or create each circuit station with multiple SandBells. You’ll also need to find a place to securely attach your TRX Suspension Trainer for the t-pull station.

Warm-up: Five to ten minutes of jogging, jumping-jacks, jumping rope, etc.

Duration: 45 seconds at each station, with a 15 second transition in between stations.

Station 1. Level change with dead lift – For this two handed Romanian dead lift, begin with feet hip-width distance apart, keep your back flat and knees slightly bent. Raise and lower the SandBell to the floor, hinging at the hips and making sure the back is flat and that you’re completing the drill within your range of motion

Station 2. T Pull – Using the TRX Suspension Trainer, set your back and shoulders so you’re in a solid plank position leaning backward with feet slightly raised off the ground. With hands outstretched, forming a “T” shape with your body, bring hands together and apart, slightly lowering and raising your body. This drill focuses on posterior shoulder muscles, so be sure to keep your arms straight and extended and that each motion is smooth and controlled.

Station 3. Prong plank with alternating leg lifts – Begin in the plank position, elbows each resting on a SandBell (this is for comfort, if you don’t have two SandBells then complete the exercise with elbows on the floor). Make sure to keep everything from your shoulders to trunk still and straight, and then alternate raising each leg six to eight inches off the ground. When alternating, raise the leg straight up and not out to the side and focus on maintaining core stability.

Station 4. Scissor locomotion – Start with legs split, in a slight lunge position and feet hip-width distance apart. Slightly jump while “scissoring” your legs front to back and maintaining the lunge position, keep feet hip-width distance apart at all times and land on the balls of your feet.

Station 5. Figure eight – Start with feet spread and knees slightly bent in a squat position. Grab and hand off the SandBell to each hand while making a figure eight motion, going under and over each leg. Focus on grip strength and hand-eye coordination to improve agility, stability and overall coordination.


Repeat the circuit four or five times, and be sure to end with a five minute cool down. For those of you wanting to take this circuit to the next level, complete this circuit series while wearing your Hyper Vest PRO!

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