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Circuit Training Part 3 Using Sandbags and SteelBells

August 16th, 2011

In the third week of the Hyper Training Lab, Diane continues to focus her four-week series on circuit training based on body movements, not just body parts. We are bumping up the intensity this week, so see if you can keep up!

As a reminder the four categories of movement in the circuit are:

  1. Level Changes – lower body dominant movements, dropping and raising the center of mass
  2. Push/Pull – upper body dominant movements
  3. Rotary Stability/Rotation – focusing on core strength
  4. Locomotion and Standing- athletic movements that increase coordinative skill

This third circuit is for total body conditioning and increasing the demands of the energy systems.  The details, so you can do your own circuit at home or in your facility are as follows:

  • Always begin with a proper dynamic warm-up
  • For conditioning, perform 45 to 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest in between each station
  • Four-exercise circuit
  • Three to four rounds or circuits with 60-90 seconds of rest in between rounds for the entire workout

And finally, what you’ve been waiting for…the exercise list:

  1. Clean
    • Explosive variation based on Olympic lift.
    • First Progression: One SteelBell/SandBell
    • Second Progression: 2 SteelBells/SandBells to create dynamic challenge.
    • Strong,neutral wrist position.
    • Grip into SteelBell
    • Movement generated from the strength of the hips
  2. SteelBell Flips with Push Ups
    • Great for Shoulder stability.
    • Shift weight back and forth on single arm.
    • Dynamic movementfor upper body and great challenge for core strength
    • First Progression: SteelBell Flips
    • Second Progression: SteelBell Flips and Push Ups
  3. Star Pattern
    • Athletic position with braced core
    • Covering many movements in one pattern with star pattern
    • Involves great shoulder to opposite hip rotational patterns
  4. Lateral Shuffle with Lateral Lunge
    • Frontal plane movement.
    • Lateral shuffle over SandBell, immediately to lateral lunge
    • Lateral lunge emphasizes strength needed for changes of direction.
    • Push off outside foot.
    • Higher in metabolic demand than a balance movement for increasing overall work load of circuit
    • First Progression: Only body weight, no SandBell
    • Second Progression: Perform with resistance of SandBell

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, so let us know how this circuit was for you!


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